Made in Chelsea

Made in Chelsea and Situated in the affluent area of Southwest London with the banks of the Thames running to the south, Exclusive Chelsea has a lot to offer its visitors and residents…at a price though! In Chelsea, Egerton Crescent or otherwise known as The Most Expensive road in Britain can get you a four bed terrace with a miniscule garden for a whopping £12million. This is more than 74 times the price of the average UK home and yes it is possible still to be man made in Chelsea, the Candy brothers can vouch for this no doubt?

The word “Chelsea” originates from the old English term for “landing place” for chalk or limestone, the first record of Chelsea is in the Doomsday book and dates back to 1042-1066.

The boundaries around Chelsea consist of Sloane Street and Sloane Square to the east and Knightsbridge & Brompton to the north. The district is in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, only very Exclusive Company resides and visits here.

The Chelsea houses with their white fronted fascia and perfectly trimmed trees looks picture perfect and although over the years the Chelsea residents have evolved from punks and hippies from the Rolling stones era to sleek suited business men and women, the area of Chelsea has definitely not lost its exclusivity. Chelsea’s residents are sometimes nicknamed as the Sloane Rangers and this location in London is home to one of the largest communities of Americans living outside the US.

Although now looking much more modern, the exclusive Chelsea roads are lined with history, King Henry VIII obtained the manor of Chelsea from Lord Sandys in 1536, and Chelsea Manor Street is still present. Two of King Henry’s wives resided at the manor as did Princess Elizabeth who later became Queen Elizabeth I. Chelsea is very royal indeed.

Chelsea has always been a popular location for the wealthy and was once described as “a village of palaces”. It was always quite rural in comparison to the capital and therefore made its trade as a garden market, this trade continued into the 19th century.

One of the famous buildings in Chelsea is the Chelsea Royal Hospital for old soldiers; it opened in 1694 and was set up by Charles II. The building architect was Christopher Wren and is now more famously known for hosting the annual event of the Chelsea Flower Show.

Chelsea was also otherwise known as the bohemian quarter and was home to artists, poet’s painters and radicals; this was in the years of the 60’s when the areas were referred to as “Swinging London”. Little of this character is left nowadays as most of the residents are now investment bankers or movie stars. This decline in bohemian culture led to the move of the Chelsea school of art in 2005.

Chelsea in 2016 is cool, trendy and still extremely affluent and very very Exclusive. One of the attractions of this area is the shopping as it is classed as one of the most fashionable neighbourhoods in the city. Kings Road is lined with boutiques that are just as picture perfect as the tree-lined residential streets, whereas Sloane Street will provide you with enough designer shops to burn through many a credit card.

In such a wealthy area there is going to be some amazing restaurants and dining in style with Exclusive Chelsea Escorts is not difficult to find. There is Gordon Ramsey’s three Michelin starred restaurant located in the old building of the Royal Hospital, there is also the upmarket oriental restaurant Kurobuta that has a long waiting list and is that popular with the residents and visitors to Chelsea. So what was made in Chelsea? You have guessed it: A lot of money has been and still is made in Chelsea.