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Heathrow is home to Britains biggest airport, situated west of London and had 6.97 million passengers that travelled through Heathrow in one month of which Heathrow escorts frequent on a regular basis to visit their international clients. It is the busiest airport in the UK, and the third busiest in the world which is reflects the citys global business and tourism.. Heathrow airport began as a very small airfield back in 1929, where it was part of a community with farms, orchards and also market gardens, the farm known as Heathrow was actually situated where terminal one is now today.

Heathrow airport has two runways where one runway is used for arrivals only and the other is used for departures only, to keep the noise pollution down to a minimum for the residence under the path of the planes. Now Heathrow Airport Holdings is proposing to use the two runways as both entrance and exit, so that planes can take off and land on the same runways. Heathrow and all of its facilities were designed originally to hold 55 million passengers including many Exclusive Company Heathrow escorts and in 2012 it was reported 70 million passengers used the airport. Then in 2008 the capacity increased to 90 million in a year and is still growing fast.

Heathrow is celebrity central, for stars such as Liz Hurley, Nicki Minaj, Colin Firth, Brad Pitt, Robbie Williams, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and many more, so why not take time to consider one of our Heathrow Escorts, a selection of the most exclusive ladies within this cosmopolitan playground. We will endeavour to manage your expectation with the right lady for you to join you in the comfort of your own apartment, home or hotel, or even that social scene or event where you need to impress,with one of our beautiful escorts in Heathrow joining you to make that head turning entrance and cause your companion to be the envy of the town.

A Heathrow Escort will be your companion to travel places, whether it be to a function around Heathrow, dinner date and sight seeing , lunch , or to catch a plane and join you on a holiday. Just think of the morning that you are flying you meet your companion as she knocks on your door, and she is even more beautiful and breathtaking than you could ever imagine, grab a coffee or something a little stronger as your in the airport so you have chance to get to know one another, swapping stories, feeling like you are in high school all over again with butterflies and thinking that she is yours for the holiday. You get to your hotel room, put the bags down and this is where the magic starts, you both know each other a little better so you go swimming and there is nothing that looks better than a hot woman in a hot bikini and wet from head to toe, and chemistry is flying all over, this is why you picked a London Heathrow Escorts, we want to impress and make sure your night or weekend and so on will be a little drop of heaven.

Heathrow Escorts are the perfect answer to any mans dream, you normally have brains but no beauty or the looks but nothing beyond, but our ladies have a very intellectual background, some of which are still in university looking to expand their mind, Heathrow Escorts are the prettiest and sexiest ladies with more to them that meets the eye, the full package, so why not book a sensational blond goddess, or go for the bright belladonna brunette, you will come away from this experience, enlightened and gleaming with joy and ready to face the world again.

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