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Notting Hill is a fashionable cosmopolitan and sought after district in west London best known for its trendy Portobello Road Market and The Notting Hill Carnival which began in 1965 and of whom the young Exclusive Notting Hill escorts enjoy every Bank holiday weekend in August. .

Notting Hill has been associated with artists, designers, musicians, actors and politicians such as David Cameron and George Osborne known as the Notting Hill set. Actresses Claudia Schiffer and Martine McCutcheson have lived here and designers Stella McCartney and Bella Freud were residents in Notting Hill and the young professional inhabitants still enjoy the status of this very fashionable and wealthy area as validated by the socio-demographic data shown below. .

The Notting Hill Gate area has an extremely small proportion of children of school age, and a high proportion of professional working age adults, mostly male from 20 to 40 years old compared to the capital London. .

Socio-demographic Profile
Population by age: 800m from Notting Hill, RBKC and London AGE Notting Hill (<800m) no. And (%) RBKC average % London average % 0-19 4,906 (16.2%) 18.7% 24.5% 20-64 22,097 (72.8%) 69.2% 64.4% 65+ 3,363 (11.1%) 12.0% 11.1% .

Notting Hill boasts huge Victorian townhouses sold at prices fitting for its affluent professional middleclass and conservative residents. Notting Hill’s attraction maybe the array of English quirky tea shops, book shops, top notch restaurants wine bars and quintessential English pubs, where Exclusive Company Notting Hill escorts enjoy visiting regularly. .

Notting Hill is also renowned for the famous Portobello Road and its market with the long standing antique stalls and independent retail outlets and known to be the largest antiques market in the UK. Bargain Hunt, the BBC One’s daytime game show is filmed here and Notting Hill was featured in the musical hit film Bedknobs and Broomsticks. This location was also the setting for the award winning film Notting Hill, along with Love Actually, and Bridget Jones diary. English actor Richard Attenborough starred in the movie of murderer John Christie in the film 10 Rillington Place. It was made in 1971 where the murders of eight or more women took place in Notting Hill in the 1940s. .

Staying in the times of the 21st century Notting Hill with its fashionable independent shops and celebrity clientele is a must visit location should you be a tourist to London and enjoy sightseeing and especially should you wish to study the history of Notting Hill. There is so much to see from art museums such as authentic Banksy graffiti artwork, viewing celebrities homes on a guided tour with music landmarks including venues and hotels that the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Lilly Allen all stayed in and played at, to the studio in which the one and only Bob Marley recorded one of his greatest albums. Enjoy a visit and a drink in one of the oldest pubs in Notting Hill where the Sex Pistols and Bill Clinton used to drink and Exclusive Notting Hill escorts love to socialise with their girlfriends and discerning clients. .

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