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West Kensington is situated to the west of London W14 and is populated mainly by Americans, Arabs, Australians, and New Zealanders, along with other ethnicities. West Kensington is in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea. The tube station W14 9NL is on the North end road, known as the London Underground and can take you too many parts of this absolutely stunning area of Kensington. The bars and restaurants around the West Kensington area are on every street lighting up this part of the city of London this Christmas with a beautiful array of coloured lighting on the trees and greenery outside the bars to the festive colours inside on the rails and banisters.

First stop to get oneself in the festive cheer would be Beaconsfield W14 0HA for a lovely glass of mulled wine, and to chat to the other happy customers in this bar, they will inform you that there is nothing better than to celebrate such a wonderful time as Christmas in West Kensington. After you have had a tipple in your first chosen bar, why not move onto the next Blagclub W14 8EZ to tickle your fancy with a port or sherry to get those taste buds flowing for the cold weather on the way to the next bar of delight, now this is where it does get tricky as there are that many bars to choose from would you cater for a cold iced beer at the Britannia Tap W14 8PS or choose a lively glass of red with your meal and go for the Cumberland Arms W14 8SZ the food here at this lovely quaint pub stupendous.

West Kensington is only a short journey to all of London’s main attractions and is well known for being the Royal borough. If you are looking to watch a sporting event and enjoy beer fuelled sports talk and high testosterone, then I have just the place for you where there is room after room of endless televised sports whether it be football, rugby, NFL, you name the sport and they have it, The Famous Three Kings 171-173 North End Road W14 9NL this place is what you would call a man’s haven, with the relaxed and friendly clientele, this place is set out like an American bar, absolutely enormous from the inside, with pool tables, and projector screens, the rooms are separated into sections, so different games and sports can happen next to each other without disruption, what more could you possibly want from this one off gents palace. West Kensington has a lovely number of chic up market boutiques and gastro pubs which has placed this London location on a higher place on the map and has a number of famous people calling it their home like Estelle, the rapper born and raised in this beautiful area and even wrote about it in one of her songs.

Also the famous Formula One champion James Hunt, and no one can ever forget that this place of West Kensington was the place that the one and only legendary band Queen began their iconic pop journey. The band shared a flat at 36 Sinclair Road, and Freddie Mercury shared the flat before sharing his own place with Mary Austin after he studied Art, after he graduated he joined quite a few bands that sold different items on the Kensington Market, at the time he was with girlfriend and life partner Mary Austin. It was in early 1970 when he finally met with Brian May and Roger Taylor that was when Freddie Mercury called the band Queen and changed his last name from Bulsara to Mercury. West Kensington is where the magic happened for the band Queen.

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