West End Actress Nell Gwyn and Mistress of King Charles II


London’s West End or ‘Theatreland’ as it is affectionately known has been the beating heart of our capital for over two centuries and Exclusive Company London Escorts love accompanying their discerning gentlemen to enjoy the entertainment on offer by the great selection of shows available in the famous West End. Shows of the world’s most eminent playwrights have been performed within its famous theatres, by universally renowned actors since its inception in the middle of the seventeenth century. From humble beginnings in a single theatre on Dury Lane, London’s West End is now the largest theatre district in the world and it attracts over two hundred million visitors each year. Its history is long, colourful, and sometimes scandalous and it has played a major role in the fashionable stage culture of 20th century London of which Exclusive Company escort students frequent on a regular basis.

The West End rose from the ashes of the great fire of London before this the West End was non-existent. London had become overcrowded and there was a great need for expansion, with its close proximity to St James’s Palace and West minster the area was prime for development, and so it began. Its development was swift and was fuelled by London’s elite who were eager for separation from London’s working class. For a city of such growing importance on the world stage its architecture and layout left a lot to be desired, the rich and poor at that time lived side by side and there was great demand from the cities wealthy for change. The Prince Regent and his architect John Nash completely overhauled much of London and the West End. They are responsible for the lavish and elegant design of the district and its many theatres and in turn, beautiful young girls and very wealthy men loved to be entertained with the fabulous shows and the flirtations of the opposite sex. Here, Exclusive Company escort agency applies the same introduction of beauty to discerning gentlemen for the enjoyment of both sexes.

The story of the modern day West End began with the Theatre Royal, Bridges Street, now the Theatre Royal, Catherine Street, Dury Lane, WC2B 5JF – A Grade I listed building. It was in its early years London’s leading theatre, the most famous and well-known actors of its time, including the petite and very beautiful English actress Nell Gwyn, the long term mistress to King Charles II of England with whom she bore him two sons. Nell (Eleanor) Gwyn, Charles Hart and fellow thespians took to the stage of the Theatre Royal to perform to the crowds that flocked here eagerly to enjoy themselves. Nell was the people’s heroine, and they were delighted she stole the heart of the King of England. The King provided for Nell and his sons by way of a great property in Pall Mall, a £1500 per annum allowance up to her death, paid all her debts and provided a Royal Title of 1st Duke of Saint Albans to his one living illegitimate heir, Charles Beauclerk, which has been passed down to this very day.

King Charles II loved sex, women, frivolity and theatre entertainment and thus many theatres were built in the area including John Nash’s famous Haymarket Theatre, the Adelphi, the Old Vic and Waterloo Road to name but a few. Theatre entertainment exploded and the building boom only came to a halt with the commencement of World War I.

The West End became a playground for London’s elite, with its grand Romanesque and neo-classical architecture and luxuriously decorated theatres and then followed high-end tea and coffee shops and shops for the rich and famous. Many famous and infamous names have made the West End their destination of choice including the scandalous George IV, the great lover and spy Casanova, Oscar Wilde and the renowned artist Sir Francis Bacon. Alcohol fuelled Bohemian behaviour was accepted and fully enjoyed and it was a melting pot for revolutionaries including Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky.

During this period woman began to take on more authority and the actresses of the West End played a major role in women emerging from male dominated society. Beautiful, confident, and talented they stepped forward independent and adept, paving the way for today’s modern woman as often seen in the gallery of Exclusive Company London escort agency. Charity work was a key role for the actresses of the West End and the model they created for charity work at that time is still used by modern female stars of the West End and Hollywood today. Their work outside of the theatre and heightened profile and authority meant they made regular public appearances at charity balls and tea parties at fashionable new hotels and concert halls. Women taking a leading and independent role separate from their male peers were something that had never been seen before.

Modern day West End is one of London’s greatest tourist attractions, being home to Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street it is a shopper’s paradise. Within and surrounding Leicester Square and Covent garden are the West End’s many theatres that have played host to and premiered world class show’s such as Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s, Cats, which ran at the New London Theatre, 166 Drury Lane, WC2B 5PW for twenty-one years. Les Miserables at the Barbican, Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS which has run for 31 years and The Phantom of the Opera which has been enthralling theatre goers at Her Majesty’s theatre, Haymarket, SW1Y 4QL for thirty years.

Leicester Square also hosts many film premiers; crowds flock to the square waiting with baited breath to catch a glimpse of their screen idols walking the red carpet. Film Stars who have graced the red carpets of Leicester Square include blonde and busty Marilyn Monroe, renowned lover of JFK, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, and the actress, seductress and leading lady Elizabeth Taylor who married just seven times, some being her leading men.

To accommodate the West End’s discerning visitors are a whole host of five star hotels. One of newest and most revered hotels in the West End is Chiltern Firehouse, 1 Chiltern Street, London, W1U 7PA. Chiltern Firehouse is the brainchild of hotel magnate Andre Balazs, who owns the dizzyingly glamorous Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. Balazs first British hotel only opened in 2013 but alongside its chic restaurant has become the favourite hangout of high profile celebrities such as Kate Moss, Kara Delevingne and David Beckham; David and Samantha Cameron have even been spotted here too. The hotel is situated in a former Victorian fire station and has been given a New York makeover; it is drenched in style and achingly cool and super trendy for young wealthy professionals visiting the West End, the Chiltern Firehouse is undoubtedly the place to stay in the West End when visiting one of its many theatres.


Prince Charles and the love of his life

Of all the hotels in the West End The Ritz, 150 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9BR, is the most iconic. Opening in 1906 by Cesar Ritz, its legacy spans over one hundred and ten years and is revered for its grand and elegant interior, vibrant atmosphere, and superior service. It has been favoured by the super rich and royalty since its inception with patrons including Prince Charles future King of England, King Edward VIII, King Alfonso of Spain, Pavlova, the Russian Prima Ballerina and Winston Churchill who collaborated with De Gaulle and Eisenhower during the second World War in the Marie Antoinette suite. For a true taste of what made Britain great an over night stay at the Ritz during a visit to a West End theatre is essential for the well heeled, wealthy and world famous Exclusive West End escorts. Introductions made by Exclusive Company 0207 629 1000.

The Ritz top hat and tailed coat concierges wearing immaculate white gloves open their grand doors for each much welcomed guest; Anything a guest requests is delivered with the very best of service. Do you command, front row seats at a sold out show? No problem for this West End Hotel or A private after-hours shopping spree in one of the West Ends designer boutiques? A meagre request for this 5 star Exclusive Company. For lovers of beauty, old school glamour and decorum, charm, sophistication and classic style, the best of service, nowhere else comes close; Except of course – Exclusive Company West End escort agency.

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