Melania Trump could potentially be the next First Lady and it appears the usually squeaky clean image which comes with such a title may not be the case. It has been reported that Model Mrs Trump has posed naked for several photo shoots during the 1990’s which is when she first arrived in the US, which implies that the public has certainly seen much more of the wife of the next possible President than we have ever before. There have also been articles shared implying that Mrs Trump had worked as a part-time Exclusive escort in New York and insinuate that it was via an escort agency that Donald Trump was first introduced to the very beautiful future Model Mrs Trump. However, these allegations are said to be completely unfounded and the Trumps are currently suing British newspaper The Daily Mail along with a US blogger for $150m. The stories have been deemed as lies and have since been retracted and public apologies have been published. Although, proving that the British newspaper had intentionally printed the stories knowing they were utter fabrication is an extremely difficult task to prove and Mrs Trump would need her lawyers to find concrete evidence to prove that the newspaper was deliberately misleading.

Melania Model Mrs Trump is an incredibly attractive Slovenian ex-model and has been married to Billionaire Presidential candidate Donald Trump for ten years. They have a 9-year-old son and appear to have a very fruitful and exciting marriage. However, the escort allegations have, without a doubt, damaged her reputation both personally and professionally and have in fact caused Melania to be deemed as the least popular spouse of a Presidential candidate. Former model Mrs Trump, Melania was only granted US citizenship in 2006, which seems rather paradoxical given Donald’s views on immigration. Her modelling portfolio includes naked embraces with fellow model Emma Eriksson and rather kinky shots featuring Mrs Trump brandishing whips and handcuffs. She has also bared all for GQ magazine where she was presented handcuffed to a briefcase in the buff aboard a private jet which is said to have belonged to her ex-boyfriend.

It seems clear that model Mrs Trump has had a rather colourful past and is currently the target for a huge debate, however it could be a welcome relief that the spotlight is not on his ability to make political gaffes and highlight his controversial views and potential policies. Model, Mrs Trump is indeed an extremely beautiful 46-year-old woman and she is smart and opinionated and could possibly follow in such Exclusive Company footsteps as Jackie O’ apart from the fact that we have definitely seen much more of Melania in the flesh than any other First Lady.